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Heidi Hall, candidate for Congress from California's 1st District, speaking at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City.

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Heidi is a grassroots leader who will protect Northern California’s working families, support small businesses and help grow the middle class. A proud Northern California native, Heidi Hall will put our needs first, tackling the problems that face working families, and joining with Representatives from all regions and both parties to find real solutions.

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  • Watch: Heidi Hall speaks at Shasta County Democratic Central Committee forum

  • Column: Melissa Daugherty | LaMalfa's fanboy: Chico E-R Editor David Little swoons over Doug LaMalfa after a town hall event

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    Back when I was a reporter at the Chico Enterprise-Record, there came a point when I stopped reading the editorials. I just couldn’t take what I’m going to call the wince-factor. Granted, I didn’t cringe at every editorial—just enough of them to decide it was better for my sanity that I remain “uninformed.” It also gave me an out when someone would complain to me about what was printed. “I didn’t read it,” I’d respond, thus ending the conversation.

    Now I force myself to read the editorials out of sheer curiosity and amusement. It’s mind-boggling how the E-R’s editorial writers and I come to such vastly opposing conclusions on certain issues. The increasingly hard-right bent has unfortunately extended to Editor David Little’s column, especially recently. A few months ago, for example, he spent his 700 or so words dismissing climate change based on his own anecdotal experiences. Then, a few weeks ago, the whole space was devoted to Congressman Doug LaMalfa and what a swell guy he is. That one almost made me lose my lunch.

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  • Congressional candidates talk immigration, ISIS situation

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    Congressman Doug LaMalfa says he’s heard the talk about supposedly being a member of a “Do Nothing Congress,” but he bristles at the notion his political party is any more responsible for a perceived lack of action than his colleagues across the aisle — in either the House or Senate.

    That perception was evident in an early August poll by NBC News, Wall Street Journal and Marist that showed 74 percent of Americans surveyed described the current Congress as “unproductive.”

    LaMalfa (R-Richvale), who faces Grass Valley Democrat Heidi Hall in the November election to represent California’s 1st Congressional District, said while such criticism comes with the territory of serving in Washington, D.C., his constituents should know that he and his fellow members of the House of Representatives, in fact, have been taking action on important issues.


    Hall, LaMalfa’s opponent, called that summation “pure politics.”

    “And that’s why I’m running,” she said. “It’s disingenuous. There is a group of 17 Republicans who are doing all the stopping, and he’s right in there with them, whether on immigration or other issues, like when they voted to shut down the government.

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  • Action News Now speaks with Heidi and labor representatives at annual Labor Council picnic in Anderson

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    Action News Now (Channel 12) spoke with Heidi Hall and representatives from the Five Counties Central Labor Council and American Postal Workers Union Local 960 at the Labor Council's annual picnic in Anderson.

    Heidi spoke out in support of Local 960’s petition to keep the Redding mail processing center open. “It’s the only facility in this entire Northern area,” Heidi said. “[Closing it] would make our mail deliveries later, which is very important for people getting Social Security checks. It’s important for people who want to vote by mail.”

    Watch the full video below, or click here to watch it at Action News Now.

  • New campaign app: Where's Doug LaMalfa?

    Screenshot from Where's Doug LaMalfa - The Game
    "Incorporating technology into the campaign has always been one of my goals, and it echoes my vision of expanding internet access to our rural communities once elected. We're sending a powerful message, not just to Doug LaMalfa, but to Washington, about the strength of modern grassroots movements and of the power of technology."