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Heidi Hall, candidate for Congress from California's 1st District, speaking at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City.

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Heidi is a grassroots leader who will protect Northern California’s working families, support small businesses and help grow the middle class. A proud Northern California native, Heidi Hall will put our needs first, tackling the problems that face working families, and joining with Representatives from all regions and both parties to find real solutions.

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  • Op-Ed: Heidi Hall | Fiscal Responsibility in the North State: Who is the Actual Fiscal Conservative in this Congressional Race? news site logo

    As a woman who has managed a family budget for over 30 years, and as a former manager with responsibility over million-dollar budgets, I am deeply concerned about the fiscal irresponsibility shown by our current Congress, especially in the House of Representatives, and in the group my opponent has chosen to ally himself with for the past two years.

    The House writes the budget for the government. It begins there, gets negotiated with members of the Senate to reflect their wishes, and a compromise budget goes to the President to sign. With this budget, we taxpayers fund things like roads, bridges and schools; social services that we all use; social services that benefit specific groups like veterans, the short-term unemployed, and those living below the poverty line; it funds research and development into better and cheaper energy and better disease prevention. We also fund the military, our post offices, and clean air and water. All of our state and local budgets depend to some degree upon this largesse from the Federal budget.

    The 2012-3 House of Representatives is, by all accounts, the least productive and least fiscally conservative in the history of our country. Programs are left languishing, solutions to real, nationwide programs are left unaddressed, and the House even shut down the government.

    Worst of all, Tea Party extremists, including our own Congressman Doug LaMalfa, who successfully bully their more moderate Republican colleagues into compliance, are wasting vast amounts of our tax dollars on political gambling with virtually no payoffs. Do you know how your Representative voted on these wasteful bills, resolutions and programs?

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  • Listen: KKRN's Unspun touches bases with Heidi Hall

    Unspun talks with Heidi Hall about the important issues that face us and her exciting and demanding campaign. How are we going to move forward on climate change issues? Where will policies like austerity and continual warfare affect our lives and those of our children? What is wrong with Congress and our government? Heidi Hall is an intelligent and well-informed candidate. List to the entire interview (59:03) below or at

  • Doug LaMalfa vs. Heidi Hall: Party lines, rowdy crowd at League's congressional forum

    The Union newspaper logo

    Nevada County voters packed the supervisors’ chamber to capacity Thursday night for the League of Women Voters forum featuring incumbent Republican congressman Doug LaMalfa and Democratic challenger Heidi Hall.

    The start of the event was briefly delayed as organizers announced the fire marshal would not allow the forum to begin until the crowd standing at the back of the room moved to additional seating in the front lobby of the Rood Center, citing safety concerns.

    Stark but predictable differences were revealed as LaMalfa and Hall answered more than 25 questions from the public and the media panelists. Responses fell largely on established party lines with topics such as marijuana, fracking, immigration, gun control, health care and climate change, among other popular controversies.

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  • Watch: Action News Now & KRCR News on Redding debate

    Action News Now Channel 12 logo

    Action News Now (Channel 12) covered Wednesday night's well-attended debate at the Redding Public Library. Watch the full video below, or click here to watch it at Action News Now.

    KRCR News (Channel 7) also covered the debate. Click here to watch it at

  • Op-Ed: Heidi Hall | Our students deserve the best public schools

    The Union newspaper logo

    As the daughter of teachers, I know the importance of a strong education to the success of children in today’s economy. My parents instilled that value in me from a young age. Their dedication to teaching taught me that education is the key that unlocks opportunity for all, and that great schools and great teachers can change lives.

    I am running for Congress to ensure that all children have access to the best schools. Whether they live in cities or on farms, whether they are wealthy or their families are on food stamps, every child deserves the same educational opportunity.

    An excellent and effective public school system supports the bedrock values of a democratic society: the informed citizen. It promotes justice and provides equal opportunity for economic advancement. And it is the best investment a country can make. Both parties have allowed our public school system to founder, and our kids are paying the price.

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